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PC Laptops Launches Fundraiser to Protect First Responders During COVID-19

PC Laptops Launches Fundraiser to Protect First Responders During COVID-19

PC Laptops started a fundraiser for money to purchase PPE for first responders, including law enforcement and EMTs, who are on the front lines of fighting COVID-19.

The COVID-19 virus has changed a lot of things in our daily lives and social isolation, working from home, being furloughed from a job, or trying to learn how to homeschool your kids have been stressful for many families. But nowhere is this virus more stressful than for those who still have to go to work every day to protect the rest of us.


They are in a wide variety of professions:


    - First responders like police officers, firefighters, and EMTs who are taking calls from sick people and getting them to healthcare facilities to get the treatment they need.

    - Doctors, nurses, and healthcare staff who are treating patients coming into the hospitals and facilities with coronavirus symptoms, as well as those who need treatment for something else.

    - Grocery store workers who continue to show up for their jobs stocking shelves, cleaning facilities, and standing at checkout counters.

    - Food manufacturing and other essential workers who are trying to keep store shelves stocked so the local market doesn’t run out of food.


One of the biggest challenges that first responders and other frontline workers have experienced is a significant shortage of equipment that can protect them from contracting the virus while they are out protecting and caring for everyone.


PC Laptops Fundraiser for PPE


While personal protective equipment (or “PPE” as it’s often called) includes a lot of things, the ones that frontline workers need most are in the shortest supply right now, including:


    - N95 respirator masks that are the most effective filtration masks for protecting against infection when you are in close contact with someone who is infected

    - Medical-grade sanitizers to kill virus particles that may be on your hands or surfaces

    - Other protective equipment like face shields and gloves to wear during testing and treatment of COVID-19 patients


In an effort to do everything we can to keep people safe, especially those who are still out working and fighting this disease, PC Laptops launched a fundraiser through GoFundMe to collect money for the purchase of lifesaving PPE. Every $10 that you donate can purchase enough PPE to protect and potentially save the lives of two first responders. We set a goal of raising $100,000, which will protect 20,000 of our brave first responders and healthcare workers, as well as protecting the people they work with and the family members, they go home to every day.


We are distributing the PPE that we purchase both locally in Utah and in the hardest-hit areas of the country like New York. We appreciate everyone who has donated so far. Please donate if you can, and share the link with everyone you know to help us continue to raise money: gofundme.com/fightcovid19utah.


Work From Home Laptop Checkups!

In addition, we’re available to help those who are working from home with our PC repair and service. All 9 PC Laptops locations have implemented advanced sanitization procedures to protect our customers and employees, or we have curbside drop-off and pickup available if you prefer to stay in your car. Bring in your computer for a free virus or malware scan, free cleaning, and free sanitizing. We want to do our part to keep everyone safe (and productive) during this difficult time.