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Qualities of a Great Business Travel Laptop

Qualities of a Great Business Travel Laptop

Qualities of a Great Business Travel Laptop

There are several main reasons why you might be looking for a new or upgraded computer, and work is one of the top examples here. A laptop is often the best option when it comes to a work computer, and particularly so for those who know they will be traveling a lot and require their device with them at all times.

At PC Laptops, we're here to offer a wide range of desktop and laptop computers for clients around Salt Lake City, Murray, Sandy, West Jordan and nearby areas, including those who need a quality device that will stand up to their business travel needs. Here are some of the key qualities to be looking at as you select or build the ideal laptop for your travel habits.

Size and Portability

While all laptops are designed to have some degree of portability, some are more suited to frequent travel than others. If you know that you'll be carrying your laptop with you often on planes or trains, for example, a smaller and lighter model will make things easier. At the same time, keep in mind that smaller laptops might sacrifice screen size and keyboard comfort, so find the right balance between portability and usability for your needs.

Down related lines, consider the kinds of carrying bags or cases you'll need for your laptop. Will it fit easily into your current briefcase or backpack, or will you need a dedicated laptop bag? How durable does this case need to be?

Durability and Build Quality

Speaking of durability, this is an important factor for any frequent traveler as well. Laptops that are made with sturdier materials and rugged designs will be able to withstand the bumps and knocks that inevitably happen during travel. Also, look for models with reinforced hinges, as these are often one of the first parts to break on laptops.

Connectivity and Ports

Depending on the nature of your work, you may need a laptop with specific ports and connectivity options. For example, if you frequently give presentations, having an HDMI or VGA port could be crucial. If you rely on external hard drives or other peripherals, make sure there are enough USB ports for your needs.

Additionally, consider whether you'll need Wi-Fi and Bluetooth capabilities for easy wireless connections on the go.

Battery Life

As a traveler, you won't always have access to a power outlet, so battery life is a major factor to consider when choosing a work laptop. Look for models that offer longer battery life and also make sure they have fast-charging capabilities in case you need to top up quickly during a layover or other short breaks.

Down related lines, consider investing in a portable charger or an extra battery for extended trips where you'll be away from power sources for extended periods. Our team at PC Laptops can help you find the right battery and charger options for your specific laptop model.

Operations and Compatibility

As we get into the nitty-gritty details, it's important to make sure that your laptop is compatible with your work tasks and software. Will you need a specific operating system or office suite? Do you use specialized software or programs that require certain hardware specs? Be sure to check these requirements before making a purchase.

At PC Laptops, we offer customizable laptops that can be tailored to meet your specific needs, including compatibility with your work software and tasks. Our team of experts can help you choose the right components for a powerful and efficient laptop.


Another important aspect of a work laptop is the keyboard and touchpad. If you'll be typing for long periods, make sure the keyboard is comfortable and responsive. Pay attention to key size and spacing, as well as the overall feel of the keys when typing.

Sound and Headphones

Finally, don't forget about sound quality and the need for headphones. If you'll be using your laptop for video or audio conferencing, make sure the built-in speakers and microphone are high-quality. Alternatively, investing in a good pair of noise-canceling headphones can come in handy on noisy planes or trains.

No matter what your work entails or how often you travel, there is a perfect laptop out there for your specific needs. Our team at PC Laptops is committed to helping you find the best solution that will meet all of your requirements while also being portable, durable, and efficient. Visit us today to learn about any of our products or services for clients around SLC, Murray, Sandy, West Jordan, and nearby areas.