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PC Laptops Partners with Attorney General’s Office to Protect Frontline Workers Against Coronavirus

PC Laptops Partners with Attorney General’s Office to Protect Frontline Workers Against Coronavirus

PC Laptops Partners with Attorney General’s Office to Protect Frontline Workers Against Coronavirus

As of today, the coronavirus (COVID-19) has infection more than 1.5 million people worldwide, and more than 400,000 people in the United States. A deadly disease that started in a faraway corner of the world quickly spread to every continent, every country, and now every state in our country. It has disrupted millions of lives, sending us inside to shelter in place and avoid contact with others while scientists and the medical community race to learn more and develop medications and vaccines to protect us.

While many of us shelter in our homes, though, thousands of workers in our community and throughout the U.S. are still working in hospitals, police and fire stations, grocery stores, and other essential jobs.

Partnership with Utah Attorney General’s Office

During a recent phone call, PC Laptops owner Dan Young learned that Utah Attorney General Sean Reyes was particularly concerned about law enforcement officers who were working to maintain the health and safety of the public, but were running dangerously low on things like N95 respirator masks and other essential person protective equipment (PPE) that they need to avoid exposure to the coronavirus.

Despite the shortages, though, thousands of police officers, firefighters, EMTs, and other first responders were still going out to help others, and literally risking their lives by doing so. That’s when we knew we had to do something to help. The Associated Press reported on the risks to law enforcement in a March 28 report that describes the challenge for every officer of being terrified to go out without the right protective equipment, but feeling a sense of duty to help those who are getting sick.

Major cities like New York and Detroit have already been hit hard, but other states and cities (including communities throughout Utah) will face similar challenges without help.

Initially Young donated all the filtration masks they had in stock at the PC Laptops and Xidax warehouses where employees assemble and service laptops, but that stock wasn’t going to last long. The next step was to search for sources to purchase more masks and other essential PPE from manufacturers overseas.

On April 2, PC Laptops and Dan Young donated 1,000 respirator masks to the Utah Attorney General’s office to be distributed to law enforcement agencies that are running critically low and may soon be unable to comply with the CDC guidelines for law enforcement personnel to protect themselves.

We are continuing to raise money to ship supplies to other Utah communities whose first responders and essential workers will need this protection, as well as other hard-hit communities nationwide.

If you can help (every dollar counts, and just $10 could purchase supplies to save the lives of two frontline workers), please donate: gofundme.com/fightcovid19utah.

We also still have our exceptional PC repair and service available while you work from home. We implemented safe check-in procedures with sanitized countertops, or curbside drop-off and pickup if you prefer to stay in your car. At all of our 9 PC Laptops locations you can bring your computer for a free virus and malware scan, cleaning, and sanitizing. Stay safe!