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Quick Tips for Creating the Ideal At-Home Workspace

Quick Tips for Creating the Ideal At-Home Workspace

Quick Tips for Creating the Ideal At-Home Workspace

Millions of employees started working from home in early 2020, and for those who are going to continue to do so for the foreseeable future—or those who already have work-from-home gigs—there are some keys to ensuring that your workspace is as productive and comfortable as possible. Here are a few tips that can help you get the perfect setup.

1: Create a Defined Workspace

Setting aside a specific place that is your "office" is one of the first things you can do to improve productivity. It doesn't necessarily have to be a completely separate room, but when you have a defined workspace it can be easier to get into work mode. Using your laptop from the couch, the bed, and the dining room table can actually be counterproductive. Carve out your space and let everyone know that when you are there, you're working. Then when the day is over, make sure you "leave" the office just like you would if you were working away from home.

2: Pay Attention to Ergonomics

Ergonomics is a term that refers to a safe workspace. For office workers and at-home employees, that means sitting at a computer. While you may think that sitting on the couch in your pajamas with a laptop is awesome, but staying hunched over your computer for eight hours a day could cause physical harm. For an optimal ergonomic environment, the Mayo Clinic recommends:

  • A chair where your knees are at a 90 degree angle and feet resting on the floor
  • Computer monitor set up at eye level, straight ahead, and at least arm's length from your face
  • Keyboard set up so wrists and hands are straight, resting at or below the elbows
  • Comfortable chair that provides adequate lumbar support

3: Get the Right Equipment

One of the biggest adjustments for someone going from working in an office to working at home might be that you don't have all the equipment you need to set up a proper workspace and have good ergonomics. For example, if you were issued a work laptop you may need to get a monitor, dock, and keyboard that will allow you to set it up in a way that is safe and comfortable. You may also have a laptop that isn't powerful enough or doesn't have enough RAM to support your day-to-day work, and need to get a desktop computer like the one you have at work. Or you may just need something as simple as a good mousepad, keyboard, and wrist bolster. While not every employer will allow you to purchase these things to work from home, it's worth asking if you aren't able to do your job or you're experiencing pain or other issues from having the wrong setup.

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