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Does a Lifetime PC Warranty Really Matter?

Does a Lifetime PC Warranty Really Matter?

Does a Lifetime PC Warranty Really Matter?

Most people who have purchased a computer (desktop or laptop) have also had to answer the question of whether or not they should purchase a warranty along with that computer. Since it’s a big investment—computers are usually intended to last for several years—it’s important to protect that investment and ensure that your computer will continue working as long as required to meet your needs.

You may have also seen a lot of tech columns and articles about how the extended warranties aren’t really worth the price, which might be true if you have to pay a lot of extra money to purchase an additional warranty. That’s where PC Laptops is different from most computer stores. We believe in the quality of the computers we sell, and offer a lifetime warranty on desktop PCs and laptops automatically at no extra cost, so you get the peace of mind knowing your machine is protected, without deciding whether it’s worthwhile before you buy.

Why Most Warranties Aren’t Worth the Cost

Most desktop computers and laptops are covered by a manufacturer’s warranty when you first purchase them. That protects against the risk that you could get a lemon—a term used to describe an item that is faulty from the start, not due to normal wear and tear—and if you do happen to need some unusual repair work in the first few years, it will be covered.

That provides some peace of mind, but most computer warranties from the manufacturer are very limited, and only cover your machine for a short period of time. The average warranty that comes with the purchase of most major brands is only about a year, and it only covers some things. For that reason you may be tempted to get the extended warranty, which offers additional protection for anywhere from two to five years (or more, although longer warranties are rare).

The reason these protection plans aren’t worth the cost for many people is that the things they cover are so limited, you’re very unlikely to encounter the need for a warranty claim, so the money you spend on the warranty is essentially wasted. There’s also a lot of fine print in most warranties, which can make it hard to understand what is and is not covered.

The Lifetime Warranty Difference

By contrast, PC Laptops offers an industry-leading lifetime warranty automatically with all of our computers. It takes the difficult decision of whether or not you should spend money on a warranty out of the picture, because you’ll get it with our computers no matter what. If you never need it (which is great) then you don’t need to feel like you wasted money. If you do need it, we’re here to help restore your computer.

Plus we offer free virus scans and can help with other software and performance issues as needed, so you can get all your repairs and PC help in the same place from friendly service technicians near where you live, and not have to send your computer off to a manufacturing facility for several days or weeks.

Come see us today to learn more about our lifetime warranty and the peace of mind it can provide.