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Back to School Tech Your Kids Need to Succeed

Back to School Tech Your Kids Need to Succeed

Back to School Tech Your Kids Need to Succeed

It’s back to school time! With the back to school season for 2020 shaping up as the weirdest one ever, it’s time to evaluate your shopping needs to make sure you get the right tech for your kids to learn in whatever way is right for them. Whether you plan to send your kids back for in-person learning full-time, you are participating in a “hybrid” model, or you are doing entirely distance learning, now is the time to set up the kids with the tech that will help them succeed.


Even for kids that are doing in-person school, laptops are becoming a very important part of learning. With so many parents and kids learning from home, they are even more important. Fortunately there are a wide variety of laptops available today that offer affordable choices to get everything your kids need to tune in to online lectures, connect with friends and teachers, and complete their homework. PC Laptops also offers something that no other computer manufacturer does—a lifetime service warranty and a two-year parts warranty on all laptops that you buy from our store. When something goes wrong, you have the peace of mind knowing we can help you fix it.


If a laptop is out of your budget, or you have a younger child that is participating in distance learning but won’t need to do intensive homework that requires the functionality of a laptop computer, a tablet might be better. These devices offer a wide range of features today, including keyboards, touch screens, and apps that make it easy to keep up with online lectures and Zoom calls.


In addition to the device you plan to use, it’s important to have the right accessories to make learning and homework smooth and simple. This includes:

  • A quality set of headphones to allow multiple kids to learn in the same area, or parents and kids to work together around the table or in an office without distracting each other.
  • A printer with scanning capabilities for assignments that need to be done by hand, or when parents need to sign something and send it back to the teacher.
  • High-speed internet (not really an “accessory” but definitely a “necessity” for online learning).
  • Removable storage or online data backup to store your child’s work in case something happens to the computer. PC Laptops can also help if you get a nasty virus or other malware on your device, just bring it in to one of our 9 convenient locations.

When you’re ready for online learning, or you just need to equip the kids for another school year, PC Laptops is the place to start. Come see us today at any of our Wasatch Front locations in Utah, or in Henderson, Nevada.