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Tablets vs Laptops: Which Works Best for You?

Tablets vs Laptops: Which Works Best for You?

Tablets vs Laptops: Which Works Best for You?

Tech is a big part of our everyday life these days, providing everything from work to entertainment and staying in touch with friends and family. If you are thinking about getting a new portable computer for work or personal needs, there are a lot of decisions to make, but the first one you need to determine is whether you want a laptop or a tablet. Tablets today have a lot more functionality than the earlier models, and some are very similar to laptops in terms of capabilities. Here are some important considerations to choose.

Choosing a Tablet

Today’s tablets range from basic to super advanced, and some models include enough computing power to take the place of your laptop entirely. Like smartphones, tablets come with one of two operating systems: Apple or Android. The Apple iPads run on a Mac operating system, while Android devices run on Windows. Both types offer touch screens and are similar to your laptop in functionality, capable of running spreadsheet, document, and presentation programs, along with internet and productivity as well as entertainment apps.

You can pair a tablet with accessories like a keyboard and a stand to make it even more like a laptop, which can increase productivity. Some models also offer things like a pen that you can use to draw on the screen, and up to 1 TB of memory. They range in price from under $100 (Amazon Fire HD) to over $1600 (iPad Pro).

A couple benefits that tablets offer over laptops include the ability to download apps specifically made for the device, and the ability to remove it from your keyboard to make the device more portable and versatile. This makes it ideal for travel, especially with teens and kids who may not need the keyboard and other productivity functions.

Choosing a Laptop

If you want something more traditional for work or school, a laptop might be a better choice. Today’s laptops are available in a variety of configurations and price points, with budget options like the Lenovo Chromebook for $179 to decked-out models that cost several thousand dollars. Generally a laptop is going to offer more in terms of productivity, so if you are planning to use it for school or work, it will be easier to use the programs like Word, Excel, and email. Laptops are also better if you want something that can do double duty for work/school and gaming. They are available with features that are similar to tablets, like a touchscreen and pens, but you won’t be able to disconnect the keyboard from the screen to make it more portable and usually laptops are heavier than a tablet so a little harder to carry around.

How to Decide

In general, laptops and tablets come with a lot of similar features today so choosing the best one depends on your primary need. Come to PC Laptops today to check out our selection of tablets and laptops, and we can help you decide which one will be best.