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6 Things We Can Easily Repair on Your Smartphone

6 Things We Can Easily Repair on Your Smartphone

6 Things We Can Easily Repair on Your Smartphone

If you have a smartphone, chances are something might happen to it before you get your money’s worth. Today’s carriers often have you pay for the phone slowly over time—usually over the course of 12, 18, 24, or 30 months. While these payment plans can help defray the cost of a phone that averages around $750 and could easily top $1,000, it can also put you in a bind if your phone breaks while you are still paying it off. You have the choice to either pay off the balance, pay out of pocket for a new phone, or get a free older phone in the meantime.

If none of those sounds like a great option, there are some things on your new phone that can be easily fixed. Here are six common repairs we do for Apple and Android smartphones.


The battery life on your phone is critical. When something happens to your phone that causes the battery to drain faster than it should, you’re left scrambling to find a plug to keep from “dying” and that’s a pain. It’s not something that you could replace on your own easily (and doing it wrong can actually cause more damage), so it’s best to bring it to PC Laptops.

Charging Ports

The inability to charge your phone at the end of the day is also a bad thing, since that means your phone will only last for a few more hours. Sometimes charging ports get damaged, leaving the cord loose or unable to connect the right way and you get inconsistent charging or no charge at all. We can easily replace your charging port to keep you “alive” for longer.


A cracked screen might not render your phone unusable, but it’s certainly less fun to use a phone with a huge crack or a spiderweb of cracks down the viewing area. Bring it to PC Laptops for a quick replacement while you wait, and look at a beautiful, clean screen again.

Back Glass (Samsung)

Some Samsung Galaxy devices are constructed with glass covering on the back, which, like your screen, can break. It might not affect your ability to use the device in the short-term, but it’s definitely unsightly and could get dangerous if it turns into a sharp edge that might cut your hand. Bring in your device for simple, quick back glass repair.

Speakers & Microphone

The speakers and microphone on your smartphone do more than just play music, they also allow you to use speakerphone to make audio, FaceTime, and other video calls too. If they’re in disrepair, we can replace the speaker so you get crisp, clear audio.


The camera on your device is one of the best features—without it, you would need to carry around a digital camera all the time, which would be inconvenient to say the least. We can fix cameras on your smartphone so you can take photos, videos, and selfies all day.

Come see the experts at PC Laptops for all your smartphone repair needs for both iPhone and Android. Schedule an appointment online today.