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Should I Get a Tablet or a Laptop for School?

Should I Get a Tablet or a Laptop for School?

Should I Get a Tablet or a Laptop for School?

One of the common questions that comes up in the search for which tech is best for your kids is whether they should get a laptop or a tablet. These days the two are actually not too far apart in terms of capabilities, but there are some differences in the price, size, and functionality. We’ll try to help you sort out the information to choose which is best for your child.

When Tablets Work Better

A tablet is just a smaller version of a laptop in most cases, so they work great for younger children who are participating in online learning. Tablets allow your child to access video lessons through platforms like Zoom, either online or through downloadable apps in the app store. Plus the functionality is often more intuitive and easier for a young child to navigate on their own, which means you won’t have to hover over them the entire time they are in school—after all, you probably have plenty of your own work to do.

You can purchase accessories that make tablets a little more like a laptop, such as a stand to keep it upright and at a good viewing angle (so your child doesn’t have to hold it all day or hunch over and stare down at the table). There are also keyboards that can make it easier to type if your child needs to do some basic word processing or type out messages to the teacher and classmates.

Tablet price range: $100 to $1,000+

When Laptops are Necessary

For older children, a tablet might not offer enough functionality to meet their needs in school. Once your child enters middle school (and even sometimes in the latter part of elementary school) the assignment difficulty increases and they need more than just apps and access to the internet to complete their school work. In those cases it’s better to get a laptop.

Some of the things you want to consider while shopping for a laptop include:

  • Screen size
  • Operating system (Windows or Mac)
  • Storage space and memory
  • Accessories
  • Battery life
  • Cost
  • Warranty

One of the hardest things for many kids and parents is just choosing the right option among the myriad of available choices—hoping you find the right one at a decent price to meet your needs. If that’s the case for you, come to PC Laptops. Our experienced staff can help you figure out exactly what you need and find a computer that fits in your price range. Plus we have an industry-leading service guarantee that lasts a lifetime, and a two-year parts warranty on every laptop we sell, you have the peace of mind knowing it’s covered.