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3 Important Features to Consider for Your Laptop

3 Important Features to Consider for Your Laptop

3 Important Features to Consider for Your Laptop

When you are shopping for a laptop, what are the most important features? That is a bit of a trick question, because the specific things you need might be different from what someone else does based on how you plan to use your laptop, but there are a few things that you should universally consider any time you’re planning to purchase a new laptop.

1: Hard Drive

All laptops have a hard drive, but what you should be looking for when you shop for a laptop is what type of hard drive they contain, and how much computing power it offers. Older and cheaper laptops often come with a mechanical hard drive (HDD), while many of the newer mid- to upper-range laptops come with a solid state drive (SSD).

The difference is in how they read, store, and access data. HDDs use an enclosed series of magnetized bits that hold data, and a small head moves across the bits to read data. This process is slower, and all the moving parts make it more fragile. SSDs, on the other hand, use a type of flash memory that is instantly accessible from a control point. It’s easier and faster for your computer to access the information, and it uses a lot less battery life. Plus SSDs are more durable—if you drop the laptop, there’s not as much risk of jolting one of the critical HDD pieces out of place (which would render your computer useless). We don’t recommend dropping your laptop, but if you accidentally do, you want the SSD inside.

2: Graphics Card

If you only plan to use your computer for some basic word processing or spreadsheets, there’s really no need to spend extra on a computer with a fancy graphics card. However, since most people use their laptop for work, school, gaming, and watching streaming TV or movies, a quality graphics card is essential for your viewing and gaming experience.

The two best brands for graphics cards are NVIDIA and AMD, and most computer enthusiasts agree that they both offer a great visual experience. Both offer graphics cards that range in price and total performance, and customizing your laptop allows you to choose the one that will work best for your needs.

3: Processor

The processor is what controls all the work inside your computer. A better processor will allow you to perform more simultaneous tasks on the laptop, and can speed up various intensive tasks like photo and video editing. Choose a processor that offers multiple “cores” (like a dual-core or quad-core), which will allow you to run several programs at the same time. You can browse the web, edit your photos, and run a streaming music service all at once without slowing down your computer.

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