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How to Save on Devices for Kids Doing At-Home Learning

How to Save on Devices for Kids Doing At-Home Learning

How to Save on Devices for Kids Doing At-Home Learning

Now that school is back in session, you may be rethinking your idea to have everyone share that one laptop or tablet that you already had available. As distance learning puts more demands on children of all ages, and parents are working from home, there’s a lot of pressure to get more devices so everyone can use them at the same time. The challenge for many households, though, is the price. It can be pretty expensive to purchase a new laptop or new tablet for everyone at the start of a school year. Here are some ways you can save on the devices your children need for school.

Inexpensive Tablets for Younger Children

Children in elementary school won’t need all the functionality that a laptop offers. For younger children, especially those in kindergarten through third or fourth grade, a tablet can often provide everything they need—access to the internet, apps like Zoom or whatever distance learning video platform your school uses, and other educational apps. They’re also very intuitive with touch screens and simple navigation so younger children won’t need help just to access their schooling resources.

Budget tablet options:

  • Amazon Fire 7 ($49)
  • Amazon Fire 8 HD ($89-$139)
  • Lenovo Tab ($59-$99)
  • Refurbished iPad Mini or Samsung Galaxy (prices vary)

Inexpensive Laptops

While most laptops are higher in price than their tablet counterparts, one option that many families and schools have turned to is a Google Chromebook. These laptops come in under $200 for a basic model, but there are definitely some limitations that you’ll be trading for the lower price. They have limited power, very limited storage, and a pretty ‘lean’ operating system. It runs on ChromeOS, which may not be compatible with all the online learning systems that schools are using, so definitely check before you buy.

Basic Laptops

A better option if you’re thinking about getting a laptop is to get one of the more basic models available. You can purchase one “off the shelf” at a big-box store, but it might be confusing to try and figure out what they come with and whether it meets your child’s needs for school. Instead, you could come to PC Laptops, where our experienced staff can help you figure out exactly what you require and get you the laptop computer that best meets your needs. We offer a lifetime service guarantee and a two-year parts warranty on laptops, so if something happens we’re here to help get your laptop back in working order to limit downtime.

Special Financing

If a new custom-built laptop sounds like it might be out of your budget, we have special financing options to help alleviate the up-front cost. We offer 12 months special financing with no down payment, as well as financing options with no credit check. Our goal is to help you get the tech you need at a price you can afford.

Come to PC Laptops today to find out how affordable it can be to get a custom-built laptop for your child.