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Why DIY Phone & Tablet Repair is a Bad Idea

Why DIY Phone & Tablet Repair is a Bad Idea

Why DIY Phone & Tablet Repair is a Bad Idea

The first modern-day version of a smartphone hit the market in 2007 when the Apple iPhone launched. That was almost 15 years ago, and since that time the smartphone has become our constant companion. Something that we take everywhere and use for just about everything—phone calls, emails, web browsing, shopping, finding a place to eat, texting friends, and browsing social media. It can be tempting to think that since you use your phone so much and know so much about it that you could perform your own smartphone repairs.

The problem with DIY smartphone repairs is that for most people the daily use of the phone doesn't translate into an in-depth knowledge of the inner workings of the phone. When you spend hundreds of dollars on something, you want it to last, but DIY repairs could actually have the opposite effect by ruining your phone and voiding any warranty that you might have with the manufacturer.

Most Common Issues with Smartphones

Since we take our phones everywhere with us—and we do mean everywhere—they are subjected to some serious risks out in the world. And for a small computer that fits in the palm of your hand, it's a dangerous world. Besides the potential for damage, smartphones also have a lot of small electronic parts that can go haywire. The most common issues people experience with smartphones include:

  • Cracked screens
  • Headphone jack issues
  • Charging port issues
  • Damaged camera
  • Buttons that don't work
  • Battery that dies too fast
  • Overheating
  • Apps and programs freezing
  • Software download or update issues

In order to even start the repair process yourself, you would need to know how to get your phone open without breaking it (something that is not exactly easy to do). Then you need to understand the inner workings of your phone to know what parts to replace or repair. You will also need the appropriate tools to access various parts of the phone without damaging other areas. Finally, you'll need a reliable source to get replacement parts so you know they will work correctly. Not every online shop selling replacement iPhone or Android parts is a reputable dealer that sells quality parts.

The reality for most people is that DIY phone repair is a lot more of a hassle than just taking it to an expert phone repair shop. PC Laptops can quickly diagnose an issue with your iPhone or Android smartphone, we have all the tools to repair it and the expertise to do so without causing more damage or voiding any manufacturer's warranties.

We also have really simple online appointment booking so you can get in and out with a working smartphone and get on with your day. Come see why we're the premier choice for smartphone repair along the Wasatch Front in Utah and in Henderson, Nevada.