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The Risks of Waiting Too Long to Get Computer Repairs

The Risks of Waiting Too Long to Get Computer Repairs

The Risks of Waiting Too Long to Get Computer Repairs

It’s been on your list for several weeks—or maybe even months—but you’ve been putting it off. You know that your computer has been acting strangely and there might be something seriously wrong, but you keep waiting to take it in for repairs. We know it’s never fun to have to take a computer in for repairs (or take anything you own in for repairs, really) but it’s a necessity when you think there might be something going on. Here are some of the risks you could face if you wait too long to get that computer checked out.

Viruses that get into your important files

A computer virus is no joke, but many people don’t take them very seriously or don’t realize they actually have a virus. Computers can get a virus from lots of different things, but the most common way your computer becomes infected is by clicking a link in an email, downloading a file from the internet that is infected, or clicking an error message that pops up without actually reading what is on the screen.

When you get a virus, you might not actually notice it immediately. Some can be working silently in the background on files you don’t pay any attention to while you are oblivious on the front end. However, when this happens you will usually notice something is off. Your files may take longer to open, your computer might take a while to boot up, or something else that just isn’t quite right.

If you wait to take in your computer for a virus scan, that gives the virus more time to infect and potentially corrupt more files along the way.

Ransomware or other potential malware

Ransomware is on the rise, but like a virus, you might not realize your computer is affected at first. While you work away, the ransomware is silently taking over your files and eventually is ready to lock you out. You pay a ransom to get your files back (hence the name) or you lose everything. A quick scan at regular intervals could help you avoid these headaches, especially if you notice that something seems a little strange. For example, files that you have never seen before showing up, items you saved that are no longer in the right place, or similar strange occurrences.

More expensive repairs in the future

While nobody likes paying for repairs, waiting to make those repairs can actually cost you a lot more later. Instead of a quick virus scan and some simple steps to remove infected files you could end up with a hefty bill to remove an entrenched virus. Or you could get stuck paying that ransom for your family photos and work documents. Either way, it’s expensive and frustrating.

Getting your computer repaired as soon as you notice a problem is the best option. If something seems off or you just want to get a quick scan, bring it to PC Laptops today.