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How to Evaluate Whether a Computer Warranty is Good

How to Evaluate Whether a Computer Warranty is Good

How to Evaluate Whether a Computer Warranty is Good

Here ??s a little secret that most computer sellers don’t want you to know: buying that expensive extended warranty is probably not worth the price you will pay. The reason is pretty simple, because when you pay extra for that extended warranty you probably will not even end up using it, but if you do, the average cost of a repair is about the same as the cost of a computer warranty, according to a Consumer Reports study.

Why Most Warranties are a Bad Deal

The idea of a warranty is a good thing. It’s a security blanket so you don’t have to worry so much about whether you will have to pay a lot of money to buy a new device if something happens to your existing one. Most computers come with some kind of basic warranty that will cover you if you get a dud that doesn’t work from the start or that breaks soon after you buy it.

Stores want you to think you need that added protection of buying a warranty for a few more years. But unless you are really accident-prone or work in a high-risk environment where your computer is going to be exposed to a lot of risk, you probably won’t even use the extended protection. In fact, in the study mentioned above, both PC and Apple users were probably better off just paying for repairs if needed.

  • PCs the average cost of an extended warranty was $115, while the average cost of a repair was $118 (just $3 more). Only 15% of people who bought the warranty had to use it.
  • Mac: the average cost of AppleCare was $177 but the cost of a repair averaged just $165 ($12 less). Only 7% of people actually used their Apple Care warranty.

When Does a Warranty Actually Have Value?

Having said all of that, there are times when a warranty has real value. First, if your warranty comes with the product then it’s obviously more valuable than one you would have to pay extra for. You get the protection automatically just by purchasing your computer.

Second, look for warranties that last for a long time. Paying for an additional one-year warranty on top of a three-year warranty from the manufacturer is only 33% longer than what you get for free. The odds that something happens in that year are just 1 in 4. A lifetime warranty is even better because it offers you the same level of protection for the life that you own your PC. For most computer sellers a lifetime warranty is unheard of, but PC Laptops offers it with every desktop PC we sell (and a lifetime service guarantee on all our laptops).

A third way to check that your warranty has value is to look at the process for making a claim. If you have to send your computer off to a faraway factory for several weeks at a time to get repairs done, that’s a pain. PC Laptops does all our repairs for warranty issues right in Utah and Nevada so you can get your computer back quickly and have less downtime.

Most computer warranties aren’t worth the cost, but when you get them free from PC Laptops, it’s definitely a great deal. Find out more and shop our selection of PCs today.