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Reliable Laptop Repairs in Northern Utah

Reliable Laptop Repairs in Northern Utah

Reliable Laptop Repairs in Northern Utah

Laptops can sometimes feel like an extension of ourselves, especially during the pandemic, with so many of us working from home. That’s why when these machines start acting up, you might tend to panic. But you don’t have to — just come into PC Laptops for laptop repair.

When you think about all the things that can go wrong with a laptop, you may wonder how you went so long without any issues. To be sure, some laptops are true workhorses and will give you many years of faithful service before shutting down that final time. But many need a repair or two along the way.

Below, we list some issues with laptops that are annoying, but common and usually easily fixable.

  • Keyboard conks out: Your keyboard is an integral part of your laptop, and you can’t do without it even if you have touchscreen, so when some — or all — of your keys stop working, you need a solution quickly. Bring your machine in to our computer store for laptop repair and we’ll get your keyboard working again.
  • Battery won’t charge or hold a charge: This problem is so frustrating. You leave your laptop plugged in all night only to wake up to a low battery warning. Is it the charger? The outlet? The battery? The techs at PC laptops can figure it out. You don’t want to be tethered to an outlet indefinitely. If necessary, we’ll replace the battery in your laptop so you’ll be able to watch an entire season of The Crown out on the hammock.
  • Blank screen: There are a lot of varieties to this problem. Maybe your laptop won’t turn on at all, or it turns on, but the screen stays blank. Or maybe you can only work on your laptop for a few minutes when it tells you it has to shut down (again!), or it keeps turning off and on indiscriminately. All of these issues mean you can’t get any work done on your laptop — or have any fun either. Bring your laptop into our computer repair store and we’ll pinpoint the problem.
  • Runs slowly: This is by far one of the most common complaints. Everyone likes to load their laptop up with lots of programs and games, but sometimes when you’re getting close to running out of space on the hard drive, your laptop starts acting sluggish. However, the problem could also be due to a virus, so it’s important to bring it in for us to diagnose.

Whether your laptop has one of these problems or it’s overheating, making a scary noise or telling you it can’t connect to the internet or find the printer, we can help. Our computer store even offers laptop screen repair. Get your laptop fixed by the best: PC Laptops.