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Methods for Minimizing Laptop Theft Risks

Methods for Minimizing Laptop Theft Risks

Methods for Minimizing Laptop Theft Risks

When it comes to laptops, their portability is a one of the top features buyers are generally looking for – but also one that requires just a bit of attention once you own one. Portability means laptops will be used more often in public places, and this introduces one particular bit of minor risk that laptop owners need to be aware of: Theft.

At PC Laptops, we’re here to help ensure this never happens to you. We offer several forms of security for our high-quality laptops, from data and cybersecurity up through physical security themes, including theft prevention methods like certain forms of software (more on this in just a moment). What are some of the top recommendations we can provide when it comes to protecting your laptop in public spaces? Here’s a quick primer.

On Your Person

First and foremost, you should simply never leave your laptop unattended while you’re in any kind of public setting. If you take the laptop to public places like coffee shops or restaurants, we should be clear: You need to bring it with you into the bathroom if you take a trip.

Even leaving the laptop alone for a few minutes is far too large a risk. These are valuable items, and sadly there will be people who attempt to steal them or even compromise your information. If you’re traveling in a cab, keep the luggage containing the laptop in the passenger section along with you, rather than in the trunk; similar themes in any public setting will go a long way.

Software Protection

In addition, just in case you do misplace your laptop or leave it unattended, we recommend simple anti-theft software that’s installed into many machines. If your laptop has such a program installed, you will be able to register it with a tracking service that can locate it quickly if it’s stolen or lost. Speak to our team about this feature for any of our laptops.

Password Themes

Even while sitting at your computer in public, be sure not to save passwords or show them in any easily-seen areas. In any situation where the computer is lost or stolen, this will make accessing your information easier for the person who has it.

Public Networks

Finally, many public locations will offer their own public networks for internet access – you should try to avoid these in most cases. These are very easy to hack for experienced scammers, and are not generally secure for important information. If you have such information on your device, you should instead use a VPN (virtual private network) to make your internet access more secure.

For more on how to protect your laptop from theft and related risks, or to learn about any of our laptop repair, phone repair or other services, speak to the staff at PC Laptops today.