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3 Things You Need to Work or Learn from Home Effectively During COVID-19

3 Things You Need to Work or Learn from Home Effectively During COVID-19

3 Things You Need to Work or Learn from Home Effectively During COVID-19

In recent weeks the whole world has turned upside down, and millions of people have transitioned from working in an office around others to working from home. Likewise, schools all over the country have switched from in-person classrooms to online and distance learning. The COVID-19 virus (also known as coronavirus) has drastically altered the way we do everything, from avoiding restaurants and large gatherings to “social distancing” that leaves kids and parents to learn a whole new routine.

If you’ve never worked from home or done distance learning, the transition can be a little difficult. Here are three things you need to effectively work and learn while you distance yourself from others to prevent the spread of a virus.

1: The Right Equipment

It goes without saying that in order to work or learn from home you will need some technology tools. The most important is a computer that will allow you to perform all the things you need, running programs to connect virtually to servers at work, connecting to the internet to participate in online classes, and completing all your tasks on time for school or work. If you have multiple kids at home or more than one parent, you may even need multiple computers or tablets so everyone isn’t fighting over the same one.

If these things aren’t provided by your employer or the schools, PC Laptops has new and used laptops to fit any need and any budget (although our stock is running low, so act quickly).

2: A Good Internet Connection

The next thing that is essential for work from home or online learning is a reliable internet connection. If you can’t reach your boss and co-workers, or you can’t connect to the VPN to download and upload files, you’re stuck. Likewise, kids need to be able to access online learning tools at the appropriate times so they won’t fall behind in their classes. Check that you have a good wireless signal or are able to connect to a hardwired connection so you never lose internet connectivity.

3: Dedicated Space and a Routine

Finally, when things get a little crazy (and I think coronavirus qualifies in that category) it’s important to maintain a steady routine. You don’t have to wake up and get kids ready for school or commute to work like normal, but keeping as much of a normal routine as possible will help you be more efficient and effective while working from home.

It’s also a good idea to have some dedicated space set aside where everyone can work that is quiet and free from distractions. Turn off the TV, set up a makeshift desk, or have everyone working in separate rooms or areas of the house to stay focused.

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