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What Your PC Warranty Should Cover

What Your PC Warranty Should Cover

What Your PC Warranty Should Cover

The inevitable truth with technology is that it cannot last forever, but you spend a lot of money on a desktop or laptop computer, so you want to get the most out of your device. The best way to ensure that you get maximum value is with a good computer warranty. Before you buy, check the warranty and see if it includes these three essential things.

Parts and Service

This is usually the thing that is most confusing. You may see a lot of “fine print” language in a warranty about what parts are covered, how long that coverage extends, and what voids the warranty. Most computers will have something that breaks, so you want to know that you can bring it back to the place where you bought it and redeem that warranty when you need it. Check your warranty for:
  • What’s included – does it exclude significant parts of the computer, or limit what you can get repaired to only certain pieces inside the machine?
  • How long it lasts – 6 months? One year? If it’s not a lifetime warranty, you’re missing out, because PC Laptops offers a lifetime parts and service warranty on every desktop computer we sell. For laptops we offer a lifetime service warranty and a 2-year parts warranty. Some stores will offer longer warranties (although most won’t do it for life), but you have to pay extra to get that protection.


Even the best machines have components that wear out, which is why maintenance is also important. Manufacturers have specific recommendations for what kind of maintenance you should get and at what intervals to keep your machine running in top condition for as long as possible. If your warranty doesn’t cover maintenance, it could cost you hundreds more, beyond the initial price of the computer. PC Laptops offers all the factory-recommended maintenance for the life of your machine completely free as part of our industry-leading warranty.

Technical Support and Assistance

We are computer geeks, but we know that’s not true for most people, so sometimes you may need some help with your new computer. Whether it’s a simple question or an in-depth problem for our tech support team, that’s all included in your lifetime warranty if you buy from PC Laptops.

Other Reasons Our Warranty is Leading the Way

In addition to the comprehensive nature of our warranty, all the things it covers, and how long it lasts, PC Laptops won’t charge you anything extra to get these benefits. You won’t have to sort through confusing language about retailer versus manufacturer warranties, wonder if this small piece that’s broken today was covered for one year or two, or deal with tech support that can’t help because your warranty expired. We cover it all, so you get more than an amazing computer at an amazing price when you buy from PC Laptops. You get peace of mind.