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Laptop Repair & Screen Replacement

Over time, plenty of issues can slow down your laptop — viruses, malware, hardware issues and more. You might be tempted to throw out that old laptop, but you might not need to. Bring it to PC Laptops, where our team of certified computer experts can diagnose the issue and help you decide if you want to have it repaired.

Certified Computer Geeks

We pride ourselves on being computer geeks, and our team of specialists in all things laptops can quickly diagnose your concerns and figure out what is slowing your laptop down. Many repairs can be done while you wait at one of our eight convenient locations in Utah. We offer our customers complimentary beverages and snacks in our comfortable lounge while we work on your laptop. If we can’t fix it immediately, we promise to get your laptop back to you as quickly as we can.

Complete Peace of Mind

If you’re like most people, your laptop is important to you. It’s where you keep all your photos, data and more. When a virus or malware threatens to destroy it all, we know how scary that can be. We work on eliminating the problem, recovering your files and installing virus protection to prevent it from happening again. If it’s a hardware issue, our team can also help with troubleshooting and repairing or replacing parts to get your laptop working like new again.

Lifetime Service Guarantee

We offer a lifetime service guarantee, so you get peace of mind when you come to PC Laptops. Book an appointment online today at one of our eight locations in Utah, or call us at 877-596-7283 to set up a time to bring in your laptop.