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Apps That Slow Down Your Android Phone

Apps That Slow Down Your Android Phone

Apps That Slow Down Your Android Phone

Your Android smartphone is an incredible machine—millions of apps, and a world of information right at your fingertips. But installing the wrong apps could actually be slowing down the performance on your phone or impacting it in other ways by draining the battery or hogging all the storage space. You may notice the difference and think you need a new phone, but in reality all you need to do is a little cleanup to reinvigorate your phone and bring back the speed. Here are some tips to clean up your device, and some of the most common apps that could be slowing you down.

Assess All Your Apps

The easiest way to see which apps are affecting your performance is in the Settings. From there you can look at:

  • How much battery each app is consuming (Power Saving Mode)
  • How much RAM it uses up (Memory)
  • How much space it’s using on the phone (Internal Storage)

You may be surprised to learn that some apps designed to help you clean your phone, like Clean Master, can eat up a lot of storage space and consume a lot of resources on your phone.

Common Culprits of Android Performance Issues

Some of the most common apps that you may notice are affecting your phone’s productivity include:

  • Social networks that constantly refresh on your phone, such as Snapchat, Instagram, and Facebook
  • Instant messaging apps like Line and WhatsApp
  • Amazon Shopping
  • File sharing apps like Google Sheets
  • Map services
  • Dating apps like Tinder
  • Spotify and other streaming music services

Cleaning Up Your Android Device

In some cases you may decide that the convenience of having all your information available, or being able to shop with a few clicks for just about anything you need is worth the extra resources that these apps use on your phone. For the ones that are not worth it, though, there may be a good middle ground that allows you to keep the apps and avoid some of the concerns with draining your battery. For example, you can change the settings in your email to only check for new messages at specific intervals instead of constantly refreshing. You can update settings in apps that have location services to only active when you’re using the app so that’s not always running in the background.

A few other options include:

  • Uninstalling apps that you don’t use
  • Deleting data an application has downloaded
  • Clearing the cache to speed up apps

If you’re still experiencing performance issues with your Android phone after trying a few of these troubleshooting tips on your own, or if you’re not comfortable doing some of these things yourself, come to PC Laptops. Our expert Android repair team can help streamline your device and boost performance in no time.