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Factors in Choosing New Computer Antivirus Software

Factors in Choosing New Computer Antivirus Software

Factors in Choosing New Computer Antivirus Software

Protection from viruses and other threats is vital for any computer user, and antivirus software is one of the top solutions you have available in this area. However, there are a few different major providers of antivirus software out there -- how do you know which is best for your computer's needs and your own?

At PC Laptops, we're happy to not only provide our clients with the highest-quality new laptops and desktop computers, but also to offer expertise and advice on how to keep your machine protected from viruses and other risks. When considering which antivirus software to go with, what are the factors you should be evaluating? Here's a primer.

Is a Free Trial Offered?

First and foremost, does the provider you're considering for antivirus software offer a free trial? This is hugely important, as you want to be able to test out the software and see whether it works for your needs. If they don't offer a free trial, consider looking elsewhere -- this will typically say something about how well that company has prioritized their clients' interests.

The best antivirus providers know that if they can quickly and easily provide a solution for a computer's security problems, they'll win over lifelong customers. A free trial is an easy way to do this, as it gives you the opportunity to use their software without any risk and help them decide if the product is something that works well for your situation.

What Specific Services are Offered?

Along with a free trial, what else does your chosen provider offer in terms of antivirus software? These services can run the gamut from quality tech support to specialized software that enhances your experience.

For example, AVG provides a small selection of games to choose from that you can download and install on as many personal computers as you'd like (for no extra cost) as a way to enhance your experience. While most antivirus suites have regular updates on their virus definitions in order to ensure that you're always protected, some companies like AVG also offer software designed to eliminate other threats, such as malware or spyware. While the primary features of your software will be most important to consider, add-ons like these also play a role.

Cost and Payment Format

Like any other program or service you're considering, cost is a major consideration when deciding on antivirus software. While there are several different pricing structures that you could consider, two of the most common are yearly payment and monthly payments.

How much money do you have available in your budget to allocate towards antivirus software? If you're on a limited budget, it makes sense to go with a provider that offers the least expensive solution. For others, yearly payments may be more in line with their financial situation.

In addition to cost, consider how payment is made for your chosen antivirus software. Some companies offer set monthly or yearly prices at which you can choose to have the software automatically renewed, while others require payment upon checkout.

Finally, consider what method of payments are accepted when it comes to your antivirus software. You may find that the company only accepts credit or debit cards for yearly subscriptions, while other providers will accept a variety of methods including PayPal and even cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin.

Real-Time Scanning

Any antivirus software you're considering in today's modern day should include real-time scanning. This is where the program automatically checks every file that you access, download, or open for threats at all times. Some people find that this can have a significant impact on their computer's performance, so keep this idea in mind as you're narrowing down your list of providers.

In some cases, some providers will offer additional features like cloud-based security to provide additional protection for a fee.

Automatic Updates

Antivirus efforts never stop -- they are constantly evolving as the threats to devices morph over time. For this reason, you need an antivirus software that automatically updates itself to stay on the cutting edge.

While some providers will offer this as a standard feature, others may rely on you to keep their existing virus definitions updated in order to provide the most protection possible. Keep this idea in mind when deciding which antivirus solution is best for you, and how time-consuming (or not) they are.

Ease of Use

When it comes to antivirus programs, they should be easy to use no matter what your skill level is. If you know next-to-nothing about computers and you plan on using your new antivirus software, make sure that it's straightforward enough for a first-time user with little outside help required.

Of course, if you're an experienced user who knows your way around the ins and outs of computers, then it's reasonable to expect a little bit more from a company in terms of features. Consider what kind of support options are available as well for both new users and those that need assistance; some companies like Norton provide phone-based help while others may only offer support through email or chat.

Recommendations and Reviews

When you're shopping for antivirus software, it can be difficult to know which providers are the best since there are so many options out there. That's why customer reviews are a valuable resource when trying to figure out whether a company is worth your time and money.

One of the best ways to find recommendations and customer reviews is by looking for online articles that rank antivirus software providers in terms of quality and effectiveness. The vendors listed on these lists are usually among some of the most reliable companies you can turn to for your security needs, so keep this resource in mind when researching options!

For more on choosing the ideal antivirus software for your new PC or laptop, or for info on any of our new computers or computer repair services, speak to the team at PC Laptops today.