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Selecting the Ideal Computer Repair Specialist

Selecting the Ideal Computer Repair Specialist

Selecting the Ideal Computer Repair Specialist

If your computer is experiencing issues and requires repair of any kind, you have several options available to you in your local area for this need. How do you determine which will be best for you, both in terms of cost efficiency and quality repair results for your machine?

At PC Laptops, we encourage prospective clients to do their research on multiple computer repair services, not just our own -- both because we want them to get the very best services, and because we're supremely confident we're the ones to provide them once all is said and done. What are the important variables you should be looking into when choosing your ideal computer repair partner, and how do we exceed expectations in each of these areas? Here's a primer.

Reviews and References

Like any other third-party service you'll be hiring out for, the most important aspect of the work they offer is going to be based on what others have experienced when hiring them in the past. That means if you're considering one company over another, take a look at their online presence and check for reviews and recommendations from previous clients.

It's important to look not only at the overall rating itself, but how many reviews they have and how recent. Make sure you look at both the good and the bad, because while 99 percent of people may recommend a company to their friends or family, that other one percent has just as loud of a voice on the Internet.

Look for companies with large amounts of positive feedback overall -- enough so that you're confident the feedback is legitimate, not controlled by the company itself. Also look for unique negative reviews -- if there are multiple people complaining about long wait times or similar issues, you're probably getting a pretty accurate picture of how that service acts in their day to day business.

In addition, word-of-mouth can be a strong indicator of the quality you can expect from a given service, and is one hundred percent unbiased (unless it's family or friends that are doing the recommending). Ask around in your social circles for recommendations on who has done good work in the past.

Consider Your Computer Type and Any Restrictions

It's also important to consider the type of computer you have and the issue you're looking to repair, as not all shops will be able to meet your needs. Maybe the simplest example here is a store that only specializes in a certain brand, such as Apple -- if you don't own an Apple product, there's no reason to spend your money in this instance.

Likewise, if you purchased a pre-built computer versus building it yourself, they're each going to come with their own quirks and requirements. A store that focuses solely on custom PC builds won't be much help when the integrated graphics card suddenly goes out on your Acer laptop. Again, this won't necessarily rule the service in question out, but it is something to consider when looking at their menu of services and pricing.

Know Your Warranty

Know what type of warranty you have on your computer or device -- if it came with a manufacturer's warranty that can be extended through third-party repair, you almost always want to go that route first. The reason is that manufacturers will usually reimburse you for repairs done by a third-party service, whereas they won't reimburse if the fault was due to mishandling.

On the other hand, manufacturer warranties can be tricky and time consuming to manage -- it may be easier to just use a third-party service and be done. That said, if you're not 100 percent confident in the quality of the work (or honestly believe mishap or mishandling is to blame) it's probably best to pursue manufacturer repairs first.

And keep in mind that warranties only cover manufacturer defects -- if your computer begins to experience an issue beyond what the warranty will cover, you'll have to pony up for repairs in most cases.

Ask Plenty of Questions

As you evaluate your computer repair options, don't hesitate to ask plenty of questions to help you make a decision. You'll want to consider things like turnaround time, how they plan to handle the hardware after the repair is done, and what type of warranty they offer for their work.

You should also inquire about an important factor some tend to forget: What happens if the store in question can't fix your problem at all? Will you receive a refund? Will you be able to get a loaner from them while the problem still exists, even if they can't fix it? These are important things to know as you attempt to weigh your options.

Get Multiple Quotes

And while price shouldn't be your only consideration here, there's no question it's important. Ask for quotes from several different places to get a good idea of what's involved in the process.

Also be sure to ask about how long the repair will take -- sometimes quotes may be very close, but one shop might take half the time another does. This is something you definitely want to keep in mind when it comes time to make your decision. Quotes may also help you weed out scams or other iffy repair companies -- if one price quote comes in extremely low for the same services you're finding much higher estimates for elsewhere, this could be a red flag of shoddy or unprofessional work.

For more on how to choose the ideal computer repair professionals based on your needs, or to learn about any of our PC repair or other computer services, contact the team at PC Laptops today.