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What's an SSD and why should I upgrade?

What's an SSD and why should I upgrade?


At PC Laptops we sell the very best desktop and laptop computers on the planet, but we can also help to make your current machine quicker and more responsive. Have you heard about SSD's (Solid State Drives)? SSDs have zero moving parts unlike traditional hard drives and the advantages to using an SSD are enormous. 

Just in Windows boot-up speed alone an SSD will help you get up and running quicker!

Not only will your system boot into Windows faster with an SSD, but an SSD is a great place to store programs you use frequently. Things like Microsoft Office, Google Chrome, Photoshop, or anything that you use regularly. By installing your frequently used programs on an SSD you are able to quickly launch and use these applications; much faster than a traditional hard drive.

Stop by any PC Laptops location today to learn more and upgrade your dinosaur computer today! With 8 retail locations to serve you, at PC Laptops: we love you!