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Properly Assessing and Remedying Tablet Damage

Properly Assessing and Remedying Tablet Damage

Properly Assessing and Remedying Tablet Damage

We all naturally want our devices to work optimally at all times, and when they don’t, a number of people’s first instinct is to try and solve the problem themselves. This is often a well-placed desire and it even works out in many cases, but when it comes to tablets and other forms of electronics, there are situations where poking and prodding around too much without specific training could actually increase the damage or risk to the device.

At PC Laptops, we’re proud to offer a variety of iPad and tablet repair services, along with all our computer, laptop and phone solutions. We’ve seen every variety of tablet damage or other concerns, and we’ll advise you on the most cost-effective remedy for the problems taking place with your device. In addition, we’re happy to take calls from clients who have recently experienced damage to a tablet – we’ll advise you on how to manage the concern until you’re able to bring the device into our shop, ensuring you don’t accidentally do anything that will risk further damage. Let’s go over some of the most common tablet damage concerns, plus basic mistakes to avoid as you look to remedy these problems.

Water Damage

While today’s newer tablets (and smartphones) are largely water-resistant, this does not mean the same thing as being waterproof. These items can still be damaged by enough water contact, often significantly so, and protecting them from these risks is the first big theme here.

However, if you spill a drink on the tablet, drop it in the hot tub or make some other mistake, all is not lost. That said, some of the techniques you may have read about in your youth or heard about from your parents – such as putting the device in rice to soak up the water – are not actually reliable at all. While you should certainly leave the tablet in a dry location where it’s not at any further risk of water exposure, the primary goal after significant water damage should actually be to get the tablet to a repair specialist as quickly as possible. This is because water damage is a progressive issue, one that worsens and creates further internal damage the longer it’s left without any remedy. Forget about the goofy home methods you’ve heard about; prioritize immediate repair services.

Screen Crack

Another time-sensitive issue for tablets is a screen crack, and this is for similar reasons. Screen cracks only move in one direction the longer they’re left without repairs: They expand. The more you touch the screen, handle the tablet and otherwise put strain on the device, the greater the risk of cracks not only growing in size, but also creating problems with functional capacity of the tablet.

This can reach the point where tablets eventually won’t respond to your touch. However, many don’t realize how affordable tablet screen repair is today; you’re far better off simply having the screen replaced than dealing with issues like these for weeks or months, so just like with water damage, our top recommendation here is immediate repairs.

Broken Camera

If your camera on your tablet is not working for some reason, there are a couple minor fixes you might attempt. The first is to enter your settings and confirm nothing has been changed with regard to the camera feature. The second is to power the tablet off and then on again, and/or to perform a factory reset that may deal with a glitch taking place in the camera.

If these simple attempts don’t do the trick, however, you should stop here unless you have specific training in tablet repair. Any attempt to mess with the camera physically will create a major risk of further damage, and you should never try this. We’ve seen a number of tablet cameras rendered permanently inoperable by owners who tried to perform work on the camera without any idea of how to actually do so, and we don’t want this to happen to you.

Home Button Issues

Like with a camera concern, there is a simple DIY method to attempt if you’re having problems with your home button (on older iPads that still have them). It might be stuck or not working – in which case your first step should be to clean on and around the home button area using a cloth, removing any dust or buildup that might be present. For some older tablets, this will be the problem that’s leading to the button not working.

And once again, if a basic cleaning doesn’t do the trick, don’t attempt anything further. Bring the tablet in to our pros for an inspection and recommendation, which might be a simple repair or could involve something more significant.

Battery Concerns

For certain battery issues that are relatively common, such as older batteries that won’t hold a charge, there’s really only one solution: Getting a new battery. Older batteries simply won’t be able to perform at the same levels, and yours may have outlived its useful lifespan.

In other situations, however, battery issues are not just inconvenient, they’re unsafe and hazardous. If your tablet gets extremely hot when you use it, for instance, this is a potential sign that it could be near rupturing point, which is dangerous and risks leaking chemicals into or outside the device. If this is the case for your device, you should bring it to our team for inspection immediately, as removing this dangerous battery is important.

For more on handling tablet repair needs without worsening the issue, or to learn about any of our device repair or other computer and laptop services, speak to the staff at PC Laptops today.